Thursday, January 30, 2020

Asia is Moving Ahead in Digital Transactions

Asia is moving ahead in digital transactions. The term 'cashless society' is now more frequently spoken. The currency will be fine, but it uses digital technology. There will be no exchange of notes and paper money on paper. This category falls into the category of debit or credit card, mobile wallet like development, e-wallet like PayPal or mobile payment processor like Apple. Bank checks are, however, defined in the same way.

Digital transactions are so popular in the United States that shoppers no longer want to bother with paper notes. Laws have to be enacted to compel note-taking on paper. Voting began in New York City on January 23, followed by San Francisco and Philadelphia in the United States.

The reasoning behind discouraging the entire cashless business is that the poorer people in society, who do not have bank accounts or transactions like Apple, may be discriminated against.

From the point of view of lawmakers, that argument is correct. However, digital transactions are the future, where is the way to deny it?

Western countries are leading the way in digital transactions, but Asia is ahead. Digital transactions in emerging countries in Asia amounted to $ 7.26 billion in 2016. The amount is expected to reach $ 35.28 billion in 2022. Other regions of the world will also move forward in this sector.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How to get back Lost Documents in Microsoft Word

How to get back Lost Documents in Microsoft Word! Many people use Microsoft Word to create, edit or process documents. When working with a document in Microsoft Word, in many cases we close the software window without accidentally saving it. As a result, the whole effort becomes futile!

However, it is possible to find the unsaved file in Microsoft Word again only if you want. Because even if you don't save the document file while you're working, Microsoft Office automatically saves it to your PC at intervals of 10 minutes. Let's see how this can be done.

First you need to launch the Microsoft Word software and go to File tab from Options. From there, click on Manage Documents. Then from the drop-down, go to 'Recover Unsaved Documents' and a list of documents that have not been saved will be displayed. Selecting the desired file and launching it will return it. The feature can be found in the updated versions of Microsoft Office.

Mackenzie Bezos is selling Amazon shares

Mackenzie Bezos lowered shares of US tech firm Amazon. McKenzie has sold shares worth up to $ 40 million, according to Amazon's latest data from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. McKenzie, the former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, still owns 19.5 million shares in the company.

Bezos held a single voting control over Mackenzie's shares during his divorce with Bezos last year. After divorcing Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie Bezos was on the list of some of the world's richest. In May last year, McKenzie said he would donate half the wealth. She got about $ 3 billion in assets from divorce. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates first started donating half of their wealth. Then Buffett and Gates called upon the world's richest people to donate some of their wealth. Mackenzie got a 4 percent stake in Amazon as a way to break her marriage to Jeff Bezos.

Earlier last year, Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos announced the end of marital relations. After spending 25 years together, one of the world's richest bezos and his wife spoke of social media. They have four children.

Bezos and McKenzie's identity while working at the hedge fund DEE. They were married in 1993. Jeff launched Amazon a year later. Jeff Bezos has not yet announced the donation of wealth, but praised his wife's decision.

Product Prices & Seller Information can be found on Google Search

Many people want to buy the same clothing for themselves by looking at the social media site or the clothing of different people in the neighborhood. If someone is not very familiar, you cannot ask in the face, how much or where the cost of the clothing can be found. With this in mind, Google has taken the initiative to answer all users' queries in their own search results. For this, Google is also highlighting the price of the product or where it can be found.

Not only that, on the left side of the search results page, they have also introduced the 'Related Search' option. Use the option to get information about different models of specific products. As a result, a person writes a T-shirt on Google image and searches it, you will find out in detail which companies, international or local, are marketing the product. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to purchase the image by clicking on the image directly on the organization's webpage.

Updating Twitter is in danger!

Microblogging site Twitter's Android version has encountered a technical error. So when you download version 8.28 on a device running Android operating system, Twitter is going to crash or shut down. Twitter authorities have requested users not to download the updated version.

Update Android App error repair has begun. However, those who have already downloaded the version will have to clear their cache from Settings> Apps> Twitter> Storage and Cache> Clear Storage> Clear Cache and then re-enter their Twitter account.